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Off-Grid Systems Residential

It is a cost effective off-grid solar power system for your home. This system uses batteries to store the solar energy and can be connected to the grid for utilization of the government/national grid power optionally. Provides power to household appliances and electrical loads. We have customized solutions.


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Solar Panel

  • High Efficiency PV Module 350W
  • Anti-Reflective Glass Increase Light Absorption
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 39.1V
  • Maximum Power Current: 8.94A
  • 25 years power output guarantee


  • 220V 50Hz / 120V/240V 60Hz
  • Touch LCD
  • Off-Grid Model
  • Build-in MPPT charger
  • WIFI / GPRS Control
  • More than10 years warranty


  • 48V/200AH per piece
  • High capacity new lifepo4 battery
  • Smart BMS system ensures safe and stable
  • Parallel supported
  • Wall-mounted design, easy installation

3KW Lithium, 5.5KW Lithium, 8KW Lithium, 10KW Lithium