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Grid-Tie Systems

A grid-tied solar panel system is simply a solar energy system that is connected to the electrical grid and, therefore, uses electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Because of this, a grid-tied solar system doesn’t have to meet all of the electricity demands of the home.

If needed, the home can draw energy from the grid at times (such as on cloudy days or at night) when solar panels are not producing at full efficiency. Likewise, if more energy than is needed is generated by the solar panels of one home, that excess energy will be fed into the grid for use elsewhere.

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Specifications (correctly sized per package):

  • Solar Panels
  • Grid Tie Inverter
  • Solar Panel Racks
  • Cables

How To Maximize Your Grid Tied System?

One of the greatest benefits to grid-tied systems is net-metering. The key concept to understand about a grid-tied system is that it gives you the ability to feed power to the grid during the day, when you may be producing excess energy, and to use the grid supply at night. Net metering is a billing process that credits the owners of grid-tied systems when they produce more energy than the home needs. Because grid-tied homes are usually net-metered, the power meter tracks this exchange between your solar system and the grid. Excess energy generation leads to your power meter spinning backward rather than forward, thus giving you a credit. The credit can be used to offset payments for future power usage. The second greatest benefit is that grid-tied solar systems upfront costs are significantly cheaper than off-grid systems.


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