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Off-Grid Systems Commercial

There are many reasons to choose to live off-grid. Maybe it’s geographic — you have found your little bit of paradise to build your dream home, but it is too far from the electrical grid to be economically feasible to connect to it. Maybe you have a cabin back in the bush and would like to have a few modern conveniences.

Or maybe it’s an ethical or environmental choice — you want to produce and use clean energy so that you can reduce the environmental and social costs associated with non-renewable energy sources. Whatever your reason for living off-grid, your quality of life can be as good, or better than, it would be living connected to the grid.

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Specifications (correctly sized per package):

  • Solar Panels
  • PV Array Combiner
  • Controller
  • Off-Grid Inverter with Grid Power Switch
  • Batteries
  • Solar Panel Racks
  • Cables

How To Be A Good Off Gridder?

You will need to be more involved in the workings of your energy system. Like monitoring the state of your batteries, deciding when to run your generator, conserving energy, and planning for the use of items that consume a lot of electricity. The first rule of off-grid living is that the electricity you produce must be equal to or greater than the electricity you consume. If you can manage your demands to keep them within a reasonable level through conservation and wise use of energy then your renewable home energy system can provide for you without being too costly or unwieldy. One dollar worth of energy conservation can save three to five dollars in energy generation equipment costs.


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