Solar Light Towers

Can operate in residential areas without disturbing the community.

Perfect for road works, security checkpoints and other sensitive areas.

Can be powered by solar energy, direct current or alternating current. 

Why A Solar Light Tower

Portable solar towers provide light without noise, and without an external power supply.

Solar Efficiency

30% of power is lost if the solar PV panels are not cleaned regularly.

Panel Safe

Uses soft, helically wound nylon brushes that are 100 % scratch-free.


Designed to be robust and withstand various environmental conditions

Solar Inverters and Solar Batteries

The function of a Photovoltaic inverter basically consists of converting the direct current provided by the solar modules into sinusoidal alternating current which can be then used to power your home and appliances. Send us your specifications

The batteries in a solar PV storage system work like any rechargeable battery. They charge direct current (DC) from your solar PV system and discharge DC when energy is required.

Wind Solar Hybrids


Utilize more than one renewable source for greater ROI.