Solar Wind Hybrid 900W Kit - Wholesale Solar Panels & Lights

Solar Wind Hybrid 900W Kit

Hybrid systems use more than one energy resources. Integration of systems (wind and solar) has more influence in terms of electric power production. Wind turbine first converts the kinetic energy to mechanical energy and then converts it to the electricity. Solar panels are the medium to convert solar power into the electrical power. Solar panels can convert the energy directly or heat the water with the induced energy.

Package Includes:
  1. 1 pc Wind Turbine Generator
  2. 1 pc Hybrid Turbine Controller
  3. 5 pcs 100 Watts Poly Solar Panel
  4. 1 pc 1000 Watts Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  5. 4 pairs Y MC4 Branch Solar Panel Connector
  6. 1pc 24cm Wire with MC4 Connectors (please cut it into 2pcs when connecting)

Hybrid Kit 900W Data Sheet

Weight 55 kg