Solar Air Conditioner 24, 000 BTU - Wholesale Solar Panels & Lights

Solar Air Conditioner 24, 000 BTU

In a 100% solar air conditioning system, solar panels convert light energy into electrical energy and provide 48V DC voltage for the air conditioning system to operate. When the air conditioner is working under sunshine, the electricity generated by the solar panel will be directly used by the air conditioning system.


  • 1 x Unit: 24000 BTU
  • 20 x Solar Panels: 340W
  • 12 x Batteries: Gel 12v200ah (10 hours backup)
  • 1 x Controller: 48V DC 60amps
  • 1 x PV Array Combiner Box: Circuit breaker protection
  • 20 x Mounting Bracket: Aluminum frame pitched roof
  • 50 x PV Cable: 4mm
  • 20 x MC4 Compatible Connector: DC1000V, 30A, IP67