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Lithium Solar Battery LPB-N

High capacity new lithium battery, Wall-mounted design, easy installation. It can store and release electric energy based on the requirements of the inverter controller.

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Prismatic Cell

  • Longer cycle life >6000 cycles
  • Maximum 1C charge and discharge capability

Wall Mount

  • Wall mounted IP 54 grade
  • Smart BMS system ensures safe and stable
  • Building in terminal design
  • LED display

High Capacity

  • One lifepo4 lithium battery=100AH/12V battery*4units
  • High capacity new lifepo4 lithium battery

Support Parallel

  • Parallel Support
  • Solar energy storage
  • The battery can be expanded in design, Support 16 units in parallel
  • No need for external combiner box

24-100, 24-200, 48-100