Lead-acid Battery Solar System - Wholesale Solar Panels & Lights

Lead-acid Battery Solar System

This kind of solar system allows end users to use it just by connecting the solar panels without complicated wiring process. Built in MPPT controller, greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 20%. Small size, light weight, environment-protected with no noise, maintenance-free and portable.


Solar Solution

  • It adopts 2000 cycles of high power GEL Lead-acid Battery
  • Has a service life up to 8 years
  • The integrated solar energy storage cabinet system
  • Does not require complicated wiring
  • It is easier and more convenient to use

All In One Design

  • The solar energy storage cabinet system can be used as long as it is connected to the solar panel
  • Without wiring, saving a lot of time to install the system
  • Integrated design, easy to install and convenient to use
  • Digital LCD and LEDs for visualization of operation status of the equipment

Exhaust Fan

  • Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control
  • Better management
  • The controller, inverter, and battery are all built-in it
  • Making subsequent maintenance and management more convenient

More Space

  • Built in up to 12KWH battery, long using time
  • Using detachable battery cover, easy maintenance and replacement
  • The solar energy storage cabinet system covers a small area
  • A closed design, and strong environmental adaptability
  • Designed with wheels, convenient for movement and transportation
  • Flexible, adjust the installation position