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Hybrid MPPT Controller-Inverter

This is a multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Touch LCD that can be removed and installed in a remote site with an optional communication cable.

The intelligent HCI display allows easy configuration of parameters. Users can place the LCD monitoring display screen anywhere in the home according to actual environmental need to realize remote monitoring and operation. Users can also check the operation of the system at any time by connecting to WIFI through the mobile APP.

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Market Leader

  • Leading the similar products in the market
  • High performance parameter, more reliable
  • Exclusive design of power supply

Removable LCD Control Module

  • Rated Loads Capacity: 3500W / 5500W
  • Battery Voltage: 24V / 48V
  • Max PV Array Power: 5000W / 6000W
  • Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 500VDC
  • Max Charging Current: 100A
  • Max Efficiency: 98%
  • With removable LCD display screen design
  • Can be installed anywhere at home

WIFI Communication

  • Monitored by WIFI wireless
  • Remote monitor and operation of the system at any time by connecting to WIFI through the mobile APP
  • Monitor and troubleshoot with USB/RS232

Smart Charging

  • It combines a wide PV input range MPPT controller
  • It can convert solar energy from PV to loads directly and the remaining solar energy converted to batteries synchronously
  • Original design of power supply solution, can start directly without batteries
  • Overload protection, short circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection, auto restart while AC is recovering

3500W, 5500W