500W 220V Generator - Wholesale Solar Panels & Lights

500W 220V Generator



Name Of Parts Specifications Parameters Quantity (PCS)
Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels The Maximum Power Of Solar Panels (W) 100W 1PCS
The Short Circuit Current Of Solar Panels (A) 6.28A
The Maximum Power Current Of Solar Panels (A) 5.71A
The Open Circuit Voltage Of Solar Panels (VDC) 21.24VDC
The Maxium Power Voltage Of Solar Panels (VDC) 18VDC
Battery Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery 12V/38AH 1PCS
Solar Charge Controller Rated Voltage (VDC) 12VDC 1PCS
Discharge Current (A) 10A
Charge And Recover Voltage (VDC) 13.8V/Lead-Acid
The Battery’S Overvoltage Protection And Recovery 14.4V/13.6VDC
The Set Range Of Voltage When Low Voltage Off 10.8V-11.6VDC
The Set Range Of Voltage When Low Voltage On 12.2V-13.2VDC
Inverter Rated Output Power (W) 500W 1PCS
Rated Output Voltage (VAC) 220VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Input Voltage (VDC) 12VDC
Undervoltage Alarm (VDC) 10.5±0.5VDC
Low Voltage Off (VDC) ≤ 10.0VDC
Overvoltage Off (VDC) ≥ 14.2VDC
Efficicency ≥ 92%
Output AC 220V Socket 220V / 2A 2PCS
DC 12V 12V / 1A 2PCS
USB 5V / 500mA 2PCS
Accessories Solar Panel Wire 10M 1PCS
LED Illuminating Lamp 1.5W 2PCS
USB Charger Mobile Charger Connection 1PCS
Lamp Wire 3M 2PCS
AC Charger Adapter (Optional) AC Charger Adapter 1PCS
Portable Box Dimension (mm) Box:310*208*298 mm, Package: 410*310*398 mm
Solar Panel Dimension (mm) 1346*550*35 mm
Weight (KG) Box G.W.: 17.8Kg, Solar Panel: 11.5Kg
Item Specifications Quantity (PCS) Lighting Time (Hours)
LED Lights 1.5W 1 224
Electric Fan DC 12V/30W 1 11
TV AC220V (LCD 32Inch 60W) 1 5.5