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25W Solar Powered Ventilator

Other types of attic fans can be very loud to operate, disturbing your quality of life and peace of mind at home. Solar fans are remarkably quiet and efficient, which means you never have to worry about this attic fan keeping you up at night.



25W Solar Vent   
Shell Material High Strength 304 Stainless steel
 Blades Material High Strength Aluminum alloy
 Bearings Roller bearings
Panel wire length 5m waterproof wire
Motor life span more than 10000H
Solar vent diameter 320mm
Solar vent high 125mm
30W Poly Folding Solar Panel   
Related power 30W
Irradiance and cell temperature 1000W/㎡ AM1.5 25℃
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.6V
Max power voltage (Vpm) 18V
Short circuit current (Isc) 1.83A
Max power current (Ipm) 1.67A
Open size 707x35x18mm
Folding size 35x35x38mm